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West Catholic strongly encourages the integration and use of technology in all courses by both teachers and students. We strive to meet and exceed all national and state standards.  ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) (link is external) standards are met within in technology classes and throughout the building to prepare all students to use technology seamlessly in their education so that they are prepared for the future.

In addition to teaching digital citizenship throughout our curriculum, West Catholic enforces a strict code of conduct in dealing with all usage of technology, electronic transmissions, and all digital content. To review West Catholic’s technology policies and procedures, open the Policies / Documentation section below.

Below is an explanation of the plans and timelines for school-issued iPads as we draw closer to summer. Please review the procedures for graduating Seniors as well as for Underclassmen.  (Note:  A process similar to the Senior iPad Collection will take place for underclassmen who have not committed to returning next fall.)

iPad Collection Procedure for Seniors

Senior iPads and charging accessories will be collected the week of final exams.  At this time all unpaid repair costs or fees for missing equipment will be collected.  The school will hold diplomas for any students with outstanding service or missing equipment. They will be allowed to participate in all graduation activities, but won’t receive their actual diploma until they’ve met all obligations.

We’ve created the following simple process to ensure that all devices and equipment are accounted for prior to graduation.

  Date:  Action:
  May 6 – 17
  • Students will turn in their iPad AND charging brick / cable. (Following their last exam or the last day iPad is needed for classes / AP tests)
  • Students will be charged for any missing / damaged equipment. (bring a check or money to cover broken or missing equipment when turning in devices)
    • Cracked iPad Screen = $67.50 fee
    • Bent iPad = $100 fee
    • Missing charging brick = $19 fee
    • Missing charging cable = $9 fee
  • After the iPad and accessories have been turned in, the student will receive a signed written confirmation of return, relieving them of liability for the device.
  May 17, 20
  • Parents contacted directly regarding any unpaid repairs or missing equipment fees.
  May 21
  • Any outstanding financial obligations for repairs and missing equipment will be turned over to Central Office.  (Note:  All devices should be turned in with any repairs handled by May 17th for a diploma to be received at graduation)

What happens to my iPad, Apps, and data when I turn in my iPad?

Congratulations, you’re almost there! Graduation is on the horizon. Soon you’ll be turning in your books and your iPads then moving onto college or other ventures. But wait… What happens to your digital “stuff” when you leave? Will you continue to have access to your school Google account for Drive and email? Will you be able to use the apps that were provided for your use while in high school such as iAnnotate? The answer to those questions is: No, those resources will be made available for the new students coming to us in the fall.

When you turn in your iPad, it will be cleared and reset. You will have access for 30 days to purchase apps such as iAnnotate, Explain Everything and the Pro version of Dictionary. After that, you’ll be prompted to purchase those apps if you wish to continue to use them. Mid-June, we will be removing your Google Apps account including Drive and email.  You can however, keep any of the digital content that you created, contacts, email, etc. To do so, you need to backup and transfer that content to other accounts. Below is the backup process. Click on the links to access how-to docs/videos for the various systems.


Backing up your data:


iPad Expectations for Underclassmen

Students who’ve officially committed with a signed tuition contract and $100 enrollment fee to West Catholic for the 2019-20 school year will keep their school-issued iPad throughout the summer. Devices will continue to be monitored exactly as they are during the school year. Technical support questions and repairs will be available throughout the summer via

Why? On the surface, it may seem logical that devices would be returned and reissued each school year. But, with a deeper look at the needs of our students and available resources of the schools the balance tips in favor of students keeping the devices.

  1. Many students continue their learning over the summer, either with West Catholic Summer Academy offerings, or via other programs including colleges and universities. Having the iPad facilitates this involvement as they easily maintain access to the tools and resources they’ve come to rely on.
  2. All digital equipment works better when it’s perpetually used; updates are installed, battery longevity is better retained, etc.
  3. The vision of the 1:1 iPad program is to continue educating the whole student while preparing each for the demands of the 21st Century. Funding, supported in large part by the annual tech fee, should be allocated to providing students with an overall educational experience that takes full advantage of the resources at hand. The costs and man hours associated with collection, inventory, prep and storage of all devices in June and a full redeployment in August, would severely limit those efforts.

Exception:  School-owned devices are not allowed to leave the country.  Therefore, foreign exchange students that will be returning to West Catholic the following year must turn in their iPads prior to returning home for summer.

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All West Catholic students are issued a student planner.  Planners contain school information, daily schedules, maps, policies, and more.  Students also use planners as a hallway passbook.

2019-20 WC Student Planner