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Sometimes we all need a little reminder on how to do certain tasks and sometimes we need some tips on how to troubleshoot a problem.  Below are some helpful How To and Troubleshooting tutorials on frequently asked questions.

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Troubleshooting Tips

Canvas uses Google authentication to sign-in.  Therefore, when you sign-in to Canvas you will use your Google email address as the Username and your Google password as the Password.  If it will not let you login, try these troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting Tips

1.  Confirm that you are connected to your home WiFi and that you are signed into iBoss (See the Troubleshooting Tip about How To Get My iPad on the Internet if necessary)

2.  Confirm that you are logged into your school Gmail account and not a personal account.  Remember that Canvas auto-signs into Google based off of the Gmail account that is currently logged in on the device, so if that is a personal email or a relative's email it will cause an error. 

3.  Confirm that you are accessing Canvas with the iPad shortcuts provided on the iPad or by clicking on the link to Canvas from the WC website:  https://www.grwestcatholic.org/students  Sometimes auto-suggested shortcuts made by your web browser will not sign you in properly.

4.  Confirm that you can login to Google successfully.  If you cannot get into your Google account properly, then you will also not be able to get into Canvas.  If you cannot access Google files or Gmail, you will want to confirm that you are successfully connected to the Internet and iBoss first.  (See the troubleshooting tip about How To Get My iPad on the Internet if necessary)  Next, check your Google Mail account in your iPad setting to confirm that it is not prompting for you to take any action.  If you have recently reset your password it is possible that it will be prompting you to Re-Enter your password in the Mail Account Settings.  If so, enter your password then attempt to access Google and Canvas again.

5.  Try powering off your iPad and starting it up again.  Then retest logging into Canvas.

6.  If you still cannot sign-in to Canvas, try clearing your browser’s cache on the iPad using these steps:

a)  Go to the Settings on your iPad and scroll down to click on the Safari optio
b)  Once on the Safari tab, scroll down and click the Clear History and Website Data option
c)  Attempt to login to your Canvas account again

7.  Confirm your iPad is up to date with IOS updates.  Download any updates that are available.  Remember that your iPad will not work properly if it is too far out of date, each update contains valuable fixes to problems.  To update your iPad: click on the Setting icon, Click on General, Click on Software Update, and click to Install Updates.

8.  If you have attempted all Troubleshooting Tips and the iPad will still not login to Canvas successfully, then possibly the device needs additional measures taken by the West Catholic Technology Support Team.  Email:  wcsupport@grwestcatholic.org for additional assistance.