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Tomorrow Belongs to You

West Catholic High School Strategic Plan

Inspired by Patron St. John Paul II


OUR MISSION: To form Disciples of Christ through a dynamic, excellence-driven Catholic education

OUR VISION: Inspired by our patron saint, St. John Paul II, West Catholic High School is dedicated to the transformation of students who will live their earthly and eternal lives as humble servants of God.

OUR CORE VALUES: Joy, Learning, Living, Commitment, Caritas

I. Become Eucharistic
Disciples of Christ

A. Provide formation to staff that is rooted in the mission of the Catholic Church

B. Integrate Catholic teaching in all curricular areas for students

C. Remain committed to strong theology courses that include the teaching of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

D. Extend student household communities beyond the student body to their families and school alumni

II. Open Wide the
Doors to Christ

A. Seek to know each student interested in West Catholic as a unique, unrepeatable learner of faith and knowledge

B. Journey beyond campus for evangelization, service and study

C. Build pathways of affordability for all families who desire West Catholic education

D. Lead the Catholic community with family-oriented programming of formation, service, retreats and pilgrimages

III. Educate the Person,
One Student at a Time

A. Deliver individualized education to promote each student to his or her maximum potential

B. Form each unique student in mind, body and spirit

C. Extend the Catholic culture of our classrooms to athletics and extracurricular activities

D. Discover innovative and forward-thinking programming to prepare students for tomorrow

IV. Act Rightly,
Serve Generously

A. Promote institutional advancement through coordinated planning and execution across operational functions

B. Be transparent and accountable to all stakeholders

C. Ensure organizational sustainability by being good stewards of our resources

D. Align spending with the school mission to prepare West Catholic for tomorrow

Annual Report

As we move through our strategic plan, we are focused on being “transparent and accountable to all stakeholders” (IVB). Therefore, we invite you to review our annual report to see the strides we made over the past year.

Visit this page during the course of our strategic plan for regular progress updates.