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Education Founded in Excellence

West Catholic High School, honored since 2007 as one of the top Catholic high schools in the United States by the Cardinal Newman Society, is a college preparatory secondary school located on a sprawling 44-acre campus in the northwest corner of Grand Rapids, Michigan. To learn more, see our school profile below:


Our graduates have begun the lifelong journey of becoming disciples of Christ as they strive to live their earthly and eternal lives as humble servants of God, all by his grace.

The West Catholic graduate:

  • Strives to live as a disciple of Christ, whose life is renewed at the Eucharist  
  • Lives well by integrating body, mind and soul in light of Gospel principles, consistently seeking excellence, making careful distinctions and judgments, and caring for others using his or her unique gifts and challenges
  • Acts rightly and serves generously by example, sets high expectations, practices self-discipline, and continues to develop his or her conscience to live a moral life of virtuous action and service
  • “Opens wide the doors to Christ,” by enthusiastically inviting others into a life of faith  through actions, words, and compassion, recognizing the inherent dignity of each human person
  • Embodies and celebrates the joy of the Gospel in every aspect of life 
  • Exhibits the persistence of lifelong learning, integrating faith and reason  that supports and deepens the desire for the true, the good, and the beautiful 
  • Boldly lives from the center of the rich experience of being loved by God and builds his or her life on this foundation
  • Tenaciously follows the will of God in every area of life, attaining holiness with strength derived from the knowledge that all are made in the image of God
  • Expresses selfless love for others, striving to emulate the sacrificial love of God for His people