House System

The mission of West Catholic is to form Disciples of Christ through a dynamic, excellence-driven, Catholic education. The Household System is tasked with relational development among students and staff through a persistent experience of Christian community. Recognizing the need for clear purpose to households in advancing our mission, the Households will focus particularly on excellence in Prayer, Presence and Persistent Growth.


West Catholic High School values the development of the whole person. In this development, both leading and being led contribute significantly. The House System will allow students various opportunities to lead their peers and shape the Catholic community of the school.  These leadership opportunities are:

- Each Community will be led by one boy and one girl.

- Each Household will have one representative who collaborates with the Mentor in leading the Household.

- Each Household will also be responsible for various activities, events, and drives throughout the school year. Ad hoc leadership within the Household will be established to help manage these responsibilities.