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West Catholic High School
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Click one of the above icons to get started with a particular tool, or learn more about each of them via the links below:

Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus provides access to information about grades, attendance, behavior, food service, and much more for both students and parents.  

Infinite Campus logins are provided to both students and parents.  Students will receive their Infinite Campus login information at the beginning of their Freshman year along with all other account logins.  Parents will receive an automated email along with an activation code to setup their Infinite Campus account near the beginning of the school year. 

Infinite Campus also has downloadable Student and Parent Apps which can be very helpful for quick access to grades and other information.  Just search for Campus Student or Campus Parent in the App Store.

Canvas Usage

What is Canvas?
Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments and resources for students in a safe online environment. For traditional face to face classes, Canvas is an integral part of sharing blended classroom instruction.

Canvas Use
West Catholic hopes that this resource will provide you with specific information about your student’s curricula, so you have a better understanding of the work that teachers and students are doing.  We hope you use this information to communicate to students that the skills and content identified in these courses are important to master.

What is Parent Observer Role in Canvas?
Observers have limited permissions that allow them to see what is going on in a course and a calendar of assignments.  Like students, Observers cannot view a course until it is published and the course has started.  For assistance with Assignments, Test Dates, Quizzes or other Canvas course content, please contact your student’s teacher.

What can Parent Observers view in Canvas?

Below are the features available to Parents. Please note that not all courses use all features.

  • Set your Notifications
  • View the Dashboard
  • View the course Syllabus
  • View prompts but no participate in Discussions
  • View but not submit assignments
  • Preview and download some Files
  • View the Modules Page
  • View Canvas Grades
  • View the Calendar
  • Communicate with the teacher

Note:  Using the web browser to access your Canvas account will give you a fuller experience with greater access to your child’s resources.  The Canvas Parent app is a great resource for understanding homework and due dates, but it will not allow observers to view all documents and links that are available in the web browser.

Canvas Parent Setup

Getting setup on Canvas is a great way to stay current on curriculum, course work, and due dates.  Student information can be viewed from a web browser or from an iOS or Android app.  To view your student(s) course information in Canvas you will follow three steps:

1)  Get a Pairing Code from your student(s)
2)  Create a Canvas Parent Account
3)  Login as a Parent

Each of these three steps are explained in detail below for web browser, iOS and Android access.

Step 1:  Get Pairing Code
When creating an account in the Parent app, you will need to enter a pairing code, which is generated from your
student’s account. View the lesson below to learn how your student can generate this code:
● How do I generate a pairing code for an observer as a student?
● Additional information about pairing codes

Step 2:  Canvas Parent Account Creation
Parents can be paired with their student(s) Canvas accounts with observer credentials by following the instructions below.
Note:  When searching for our Canvas school you will type:  Diocese of Grand Rapids-Parent
● How do I create an account from a web browser?
● How do I create an account in the Canvas Parent app on my Android device?
● How do I create an account in the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device?

Step 3: Parent Login
Parents can login to Canvas from any web browser or an iOS or Android app.  For more information on logging in to the web browser or Parent app, view the following instructions:

● How do I log in from a web browser?
● How do I log in to the Canvas Parent app on my Android device?
● How do I log in to the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device?
● How do I pair 2 children’s Canvas accounts to the same parent account?

Things to keep in mind:
●  Using the web browser to access your Canvas account will give you a fuller experience with greater access to your child’s resources.  The Canvas Parent app is a great resource for understanding homework and due dates, but it will not allow observers to view all documents and links that are available in the web browser.
● For more information about the Parent / Observer role in Canvas, Click Here.


All West Catholic students are setup with a school-managed Google Account.  This account gives users a free platform for document creation, document storage, collaboration and email.

All Google accounts follow a set format:  [[email protected]]  (ex. [email protected])


Naviance is an online platform that allows schools to set goals and priorities for individual students, track their progress and measure student outcomes to improve college and career readiness. Naviance also manages electronic transcripts and recommendations.

Naviance accounts are managed by the Guidance department.  Contact the Registrar, Lauri Ford, if you have login questions:

Lauri Ford
(616) 233-5909
mailto:[email protected]


ContentKeeper is the Internet filter used by West Catholic to help block inappropriate website content on all devices.  ContentKeeper is active on all student devices both at school and at home.  Student devices are automatically authenticated to and protected by the Internet filter regardless of location.

Tech Info
Student Handbook
Job Opportunities

West Catholic strongly encourages the integration and use of technology in all courses by both teachers and students. We strive to meet and exceed all national and state standards.  ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards are met within in technology classes and throughout the building to prepare all students to use technology seamlessly in their education so that they are prepared for the future.

In addition to teaching digital citizenship throughout our curriculum, West Catholic enforces a strict code of conduct in dealing with all usage of technology, electronic transmissions and all digital content. To review West Catholic’s technology policies and procedures, please read the Policies / Documentation sections below.

iPad Tutorials and Troubleshooting

Need a few reminders on how to accomplish your daily work? …or need help troubleshooting a problem?  We have iPad tutorials, and guides on topics like:

  • Getting connected at home
  • Installing apps
  • Submitting homework
  • Video-conferencing
  • Using Infinite Campus
  • Using Google
  • Using Canvas
  • Setting up Email on your iPad
  • Troubleshooting iPad issues

iPad Insurance

You’re Covered!
West Catholic is insuring all student devices.

Each insured device is covered for unlimited repairs for the duration of the iPad coverage. (subject to terms and agreement of policy)  The following damage types are covered by the policy:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Drops
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Liquid Damage

All repairs and billing is handled through West Catholic’s Technology Support Desk.  DO NOT attempt self-repair of your device or unauthorized 3rd party repairs.  All damaged devices should be brought directly to the support desk.  A lender device will be issued if the original device is sent out for repair.



1:1 Handbook

Acceptable Use Policy


Change Password

In the interest of increased security for student work, we’ve adopted a password tool that allows students to create a private network password that is 100% confidential.

What you need to know:

  • This password, like the one you have now, is a ‘single sign on’ password that will provide access to most major systems:  Network, Google Apps (mail, drive etc.) and Canvas.
  • Student Infinite Campus password will NOT change unless a student chooses to change it so they align. (see instructions below)
  • At this time, Naviance accounts are managed independently by the Guidance Department.  See Lauri Ford if you have Naviance login questions.
  • You will have to enter the new password on any device you use to access those accounts such as personal phone, home computer etc.
  • No one will have access to your password; not even diocesan tech staff.
  • You will be prompted to change your password near the beginning of each semester.

What if I forget my new password?

  • During school hours, go to technology support desk for assistance.
  • If you forget your password outside of school hours, there is no assistance available. As a safeguard, email your password to your personal email account or to your parents so you can easily recall it if needed.

How to change your password (This step must be completed at school):

Step 1:  Go to https://passwordswc.grdiocese.org/
Step 2:  Click the My Account button and enter your email address and current password
Step 3:  Select ‘change password’ from the top menu and follow the steps to set a new password.

Password rules are listed on the right hand side of the page

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • Must include a digit, lowercase letter, and a uppercase letter
  • May NOT include a username or any of your 3 previous passwords

How to change Infinite Campus password:

Step 1:  Log into the Infinite Campus portal on a computer or in Safari on your iPad (option to change password is not available on the Campus Portal app.)
Step 2:  On the left side select Account Management
Step 3:  Follow the steps to create a new password:

  • Enter a new password
  • Re-enter the new password
  • Enter your current password
  • Save Changes
  • You will see a Save Successful message

End of Year Device Preparation

Below is an explanation of the plans and timelines for school-issued iPads as we draw closer to summer. Please review the procedures for graduating Seniors as well as for Underclassmen.  (Note: A process similar to the Senior iPad Collection will take place for underclassmen who have not committed to returning next fall.)


Senior iPads will be collected following AP exams.  At this time all unpaid repair costs or fees for missing equipment will be collected.  The school will hold diplomas for any students with outstanding fees or missing equipment. They will be allowed to participate in all graduation activities, but won’t receive their actual diploma until they’ve met all obligations.

We’ve created the following simple process to ensure that all devices and equipment are accounted for prior to graduation.

  Date:   Action:
  Deadline for device turn-in:  May 17
  • Senior student devices should be submitted as soon as all exams and AP Tests have been completed.  Devices can be turned in sooner if no longer needed for coursework.
  • Students will turn in their iPad in its iPad Case.
  May 19
  • Parents contacted directly regarding any missing equipment fees.
  May 22
  • Any outstanding financial obligations for missing equipment will be turned over to Central Office.  (Note:  All devices should be turned in with any repairs handled prior to a diploma to be received)

What happens to my iPad, Apps, and data when I turn in my iPad?

Congratulations, you’re almost there! Graduation is on the horizon. Soon you’ll be turning in your books and your iPads then moving onto college or other ventures. But wait… What happens to your digital “stuff” when you leave? Will you continue to have access to your school Google account for Drive and email? Will you be able to use the apps that were provided for your use while in high school such as iAnnotate? The answer to those questions is: No, those resources will be reset and made available for the new students coming to us in the fall.

When you turn in your iPad, it will be cleared and reset. You will have access for 30 days to purchase apps such as iAnnotate, Explain Everything and the Pro version of Dictionary. After that, you’ll be prompted to purchase those apps if you wish to continue to use them. Mid-June, we will be removing your Google Apps account including Drive and email.  You can however, keep any of the digital content that you created, contacts, email, etc. To do so, you need to backup and transfer that content to other accounts. Below is the backup process. Click on the links to access how-to docs/videos for the various systems.



Seniors, please review these linked instructions regarding How to Backup Your Data and How to Prep Your iPad for Turn-in.


Students who’ve officially committed with a signed tuition contract and $100 enrollment fee to West Catholic for the 2021-22 school year will keep their school-issued iPad throughout the summer. Devices will continue to be monitored exactly as they are during the school year. Technical support questions and repairs will be available throughout the summer via [email protected].

Exception:  School-owned devices are not allowed to leave the country.  Therefore, international students that will be returning to West Catholic the following year must turn in their iPads prior to returning home for summer.


Technology Support

West Catholic embraces the use of technology as an educational tool.  However, as with many tools, training, troubleshooting and support are often part of the package.  Our school has two full-time employees as well as a Diocesan support team to help with these matters.

Jeff Bailey is our Instructional Technology Specialist.  Mr. Bailey’s role is to support staff and students in the appropriate and effective usage of technology.  He is also available to help support parents if they have questions or concerns centered around technology.

Tom Kutzli is our Technology Director.  Mr. Kutzli’s role is to support the overall implementation and vision for technology at West Catholic.  He is also the front line of support for hardware problems, software setup and student devices in need of repair.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our technology department with any questions.  You can also email our technology support line at:  [email protected]   The Technology Support line is designed for questions outside of normal school hours.  Our team will do its best to give timely responses to all questions.


Jeff Bailey
Instructional Technology Specialist
(616) 233-5965
[email protected]
Tom Kutzli
Technology Director
(616) 233-5907
[email protected]

West Catholic partners with the Flynn O’Hara Uniforms to provide uniforms to our students.  To purchase uniforms, find sizing information or explore additional information, visit the Flynn O’Hara website.

Questions or Issues with your purchase? Take a look at our FAQ page for quick answers to common concerns.

Still can’t find what you need? Our customer service department is open Monday-Saturday year-round at (800) 441-4122, or [email protected].

All West Catholic students are issued a student planner.  Planners contain school information, daily schedules, maps, policies and more. Students also use planners as a hallway passbook.

2023-2024 WC Student Handbook

West Catholic High School does not endorse any employer. We are posting these job opportunities at the request of community members for our students’ convenience:

  • No current postings