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Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.


West Catholic High School
1801 Bristol Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

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Strength and Performance Training

Winning weight room standards or culture is not about how much our athletes bench press or the specific exercises they are doing. The numbers will come. The most valuable lessons they will learn come from learning how to execute their responsibilities the right way and by doing it with each other. It is not about WHAT we do, it’s about HOW we do it, WHY we do it and WHO we’re doing it with and for.

Our Mission

Strength training taught with fundamental, universal and inclusive principles of health and wellness, so that every member of our community may have the opportunity to develop a strong mind, body and soul.

Program Components

Universal Component: Our program is designed in a way so the strength training or any exercise component can be effectively modified, taught, coached and executed by anyone within our community.

Inclusive Component: Our program is for every single student that walks through the school doors or into the weight room.  All are welcome and we hold a strict open-door policy.

Our program has the capacity to impact each student  in our school. One of the keys to its success is how the fundamental principles are taught universally; everyone is learning the same important foundations,  but maybe in slightly different ways.


Objectives and Purpose

Falcon Strength Program Objectives and Purpose:

  1. We will continually build a high school strength and performance program that is impactful to our students, student athletes, families and community members
  2. We train to reduce risk of injury
  3. We train to improve human performance
  4. We train to learn lifelong health and wellness principles
  5. We train to learn and reinforce aspects of a winning culture via a holistic model (Physical and Emotional IQ)
  6. We reinforce departmental teamwork (sports medicine, administration, teaching staff, support staff)

Visit our WC Strength and Conditioning YouTube Channel to watch more training videos or to subscribe.


  1. We are present (zero distractions/no cell phones)
  2. We demonstrate kindness-care-concern
  3. We are process oriented
  4. We ask questions
  5. We are on time & prepared (shoes tied / appropriate attire)
  6. We always do our best
  7. We do not make assumptions
  8. We are honest with our words
  9. We do not take things personally
  10. We take responsibility


Our Falcon standards do not change, but our expectations from athlete to athlete may.  What we expect out of a senior may be different from a ninth grader.  Our expectations are always communicated, agreed upon, fair and progressive.

Our Coach – Adam Stoyanoff

Adam Stoyanoff has been a professional strength and conditioning coach for 17 years.  Throughout his career, he has coached thousands of athletes, many of whom have gone onto successful collegiate and professional careers.  He began his college coaching career at Bowling Green State University in 2006.  While there he learned what it takes to win at a high level and was privileged to be a part of several successful programs.  The 06-07 BGSU womens basketball team was the first ever Mid-American Conference team to advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Championship Tournament.  The 09 BGSU football program earned a trip to the GMAC Bowl and the 09 BGSU baseball team won the MAC East Division outright.

After Bowling Green, Coach Stoyanoff transitioned to the private sector of strength training.  He felt the need to teach athletes at a more developmental stage in their lives. He has helped several high school athletes achieve their collegiate goals by playing at Power 5 schools including MSU, UM, Florida, Northwestern, Texas A&M, and Iowa. Coach Stoyanoff spent several years coaching in over 20 high schools, three colleges, four states and two countries. In each instance, he was consulting, directing, over-hauling, or building the strength program from the ground up.

His most recent stint was with the Chinese Olympic committee, training their Canoe and Kayak teams for the Tokyo Olympics.  While preparing those groups in Portugal, life brought him back home.  He is extremely excited to continually build the West Catholic Falcons Strength and Conditioning program and we are three months into the process.

Adam brings a plethora of invaluable experiences to our students and we are excited to provide the best strength training program through our own weight room.  Adams vision for our Strength and Performance program will be rooted in safety, the highest standards, and growing expectations. Our Falcon Strength training program is unified, progressive, process oriented and comprehensive. Our athletes will be given everything they need to achieve their goals, in their own weight room.  We are learning that it is not just the tangible strength measurements that are important, but most of all, it is the intangible components of character that will win us championships.

Adam played football at Albion College where he received his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science.  While coaching at BGSU, he received his Masters degree in Developmental Kinesiology.  He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association).

Coach Stoyanoff has an open-door policy for all parents and athletes.  If there are questions or concerns, please contact him directly.