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St. Catherine of Siena, TOSD

Feast Day: April 29

Born: March 25, 1347, in Siena, Italy
Died: April 29, 1380, in Rome, Italy

Born in 1347, Catherine grew up as an intensely religious person and entered the Dominican Third Order at the age of 18. She spent the next three years of her life living in seclusion, prayer and austerity. Gradually, an active public apostolate grew out of her contemplative life. Her letters, mostly for spiritual instruction and encouragement of her followers, began to take more and more note of public affairs. Her public influence reached great heights because of her evident holiness, her membership in the Dominican Third Order, and the deep impression she made on the pope. She worked tirelessly for the crusade against the Turks and for peace between Florence and the pope.

In 1378, the Great Schism began, splitting the allegiance of Christendom between two, then three, popes and putting even saints on opposing sides. Catherine spent the last two years of her life in Rome, in prayer and pleading on behalf of the cause of Pope Urban VI and the unity of the Church. She offered herself as a victim for the Church in its agony. She died surrounded by her "children."

Catherine was canonized in 1461 and named a doctor of the Church in 1970. She is the patron saint of illness, miscarriages, people ridiculed for their piety and nurses among others.

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