Service Hours

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Because of the difficulty of performing acts of Christian Service outside of the home, the Theology Department has determined that we cannot fairly assign grades for the Christian Service Hour requirement for this school year. Students are encouraged to continue to do acts of service when they can, and they should continue to upload all service hours to the Helper Helper app. Transcript endorsements and Christian Service awards will still be presented to students who have completed the service hours. Service hours for 9-11 grade students are due May 20.

The other important part of our Christian Service Formation program is the quarterly Christian Service Formation assignment or project. This assignment will still be given in every class and will comprise 10% of the quarter grade. Each theology teacher will be assigning this project in the upcoming weeks and will further explain the expectations and requirements at that time. Please feel free to contact Mr. Dolci or your theology teachers if you have questions.