September 20-26, 2021

September 20-26, 2021

Monday, September 20, 2021

PM Activity Schedule Friday

Date:  September 20, 2021

This week Friday will be our first PM Activity schedule of the year to accommodate our Homecoming Assembly. Please be aware of this special schedule:

Warning Bell 7:55
1st Hour 8:00 - 8:45
2nd Hour 8:50 - 9:35
3rd Hour 9:40 - 10:24
4th Hour 10:29 - 11:13
Lunch 11:13 - 11:38
5th Hour 11:43 - 12:27
6th Hour 12:32 - 1:16
7th Hour 1:21 - 2:05
Activity 2:10 - 2:50


Grandparents/VIP Mass Information

Date:  September 20, 2021

For those attending Tuesday's Grandparents/VIP Mass, we ask that you enter the building through the Main Office entrance. Coffee and donuts will be served in the Cafetorium before Mass, starting at 9 a.m. Students will be dismissed from their classes at 10 a.m. to meet their family member(s) in the Cafetorium. Mass will begin at 10:20 a.m. in the Main Gym. We look forward to seeing you there!

Homecoming Tickets

Date:  September 20, 2021

You have four days left to buy your homecoming ticket! Tickets are on sale until Thursday, September 23 at 3 p.m. Please fill out the Google Form and give your money to Mrs. Coste de Falk or a senior class officer at lunch or after school in the main office. Tickets are $25 per person. Cash or check is accepted. Homecoming is on Saturday, September 25 from 8-11 p.m. in the WC auxiliary gym. Guest passes are available in the main office and are due on Wednesday, September 22.

Detention Information

Date:  September 13, 2021

If you receive a detention, you must serve it at the NEXT scheduled detention time (after the day you received it). Detention is held on:

  • Tuesday, 2:55-3:35 pm - Mr. Rolf's room - #112
  • Thursday, 7:15-7:50 am - Mr. Fix's room - #103
  • Friday, 2:55-3:35 pm - Mr. Rolf's room - #112

Example, if you receive a detention on Monday, you must serve Tuesday after school. If you receive a detention on a day there is detention after school, you may serve it that day, but if you don't you must serve it on the next scheduled detention day. You may not skip a zero hour class to serve detention. Stop by the main office if you have any questions or see Page 12 in the student handbook. Failure to serve detention results in an additional detention.

Upcoming Events

9/20/2021 (All day) to 9/24/2021 (All day)
9/20/2021 (All day) to 9/24/2021 (All day)
9/24/2021 (All day)
9/25/2021 (All day)