Outdoor Parent Meetings On Campus

Monday, September 7, 2020

Parent groups are currently not allowed to meet inside West Catholic. However, we would like to accommodate on-campus, outdoor meetings as long as the weather permits. We can accomplish this by having parent group meetings outside in five designated areas (see map). We ask that each group designate a point person who will be responsible for scheduling the event on the athletic facilities calendar through Cam Burns, our Assistant Athletic Director, and making sure all protocols are met to ensure compliance with the current executive orders and keep our community safe.

During phase 4 of Governor Whitmer’s Safe Start plan, our current phase, the following conditions must be met:

  1. In each area, the maximum capacity is 100 people. All non-family members must remain 6 feet apart. Masks are strongly encouraged at all times if not involved in physical activity or eating.
  2. Each area can be reserved through the athletic department (Cam Burns) with the understanding that the needs of our students come first.
  3. It is first-come, first-serve with the understanding that if an athletic or other student need arises for that particular area, we will try to accommodate in another zone but there is no guarantee.
  4. All five areas can be occupied at one time as long as each group is an individual group not exceeding 100 people.
  5. Each group should provide ample hand sanitizer.
  6. Adults may not enter the academic/athletic building.
  7. The Alumni Plaza bathrooms are available for use. If there are multiple groups on campus, priority of use will go to the group using the football field due to location.
  8. The point person will be responsible for health checks immediately prior to the event. Health checks will use the following scanner or QR code: https://forms.gle/JJDPfgnHZrhEFpUu5

Please note the point person or officers will be responsible for enforcing all requirements. If a group is found to be out of compliance (not wearing masks, not completing the screening, violating the 100 person limit rule, etc.), we will not be able to accommodate them for future events.

If you believe your group may be large, you should use an RSVP system in order to make sure the attendance does not exceed 100 people.