New Child Tax Credit

Friday, May 21, 2021

The following is a message from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation:

As a part of pandemic relief, there is a new Child Tax Credit that is worth $3,000 per year, per child ages 6-7 and $3,600 per year, per child under 6 years old for families making $150k/year or less. In addition, this includes families with no income at all (for which the "regular" tax credit is not available).

These funds will be paid out in regular payments directly to families. However, for families to be eligible, they MUST file their 2020 taxes. This is designed specifically to address child poverty and is expected to lower childhood poverty by at least 45%.

Families may also be eligible for $50 per month off of their high-speed internet. For more, please visit the link below:

Lt. Governor Gilchrist encourages Michiganders to sign up for federal program to lower cost of high-speed internet | Michigan Business