MI Supreme Court Decision

Monday, October 5, 2020

As most of you know, the Michigan Supreme Court declared all of Governor Whitmer's executive orders after April 30 unconstitutional. Moving forward, the governor will have to work with the Legislature. Exactly what this looks like, we do not know. However, there are decisions made by the Michigan Health Department and the Kent County Health Department that we are required to follow. Until we have more clarity, West Catholic will continue following the plan submitted in early August. We have successfully navigated seven weeks of in-person classes without one COVID-19 case in our students or staff. I am very confident we will discern the best path moving forward. Yet we can't do this without all the facts, including what range of decisions we may be able to weigh in on. Stay tuned!

Here is a message Dave Faber, our Superintendent, wanted me to share with you:

The Michigan Supreme Court decision needs to be interpreted. Until we receive further guidance, for the sake of order and safety, the Office of Catholic Schools will keep the current requirements of the Michigan Return to School Roadmap and Living our Mission In Today's Reality, our diocesan return to school plan, in place. Beginning today, Oct. 5, K-5 students, in addition to 6-12 students, are required to wear a facial covering even when in their classroom.  

Cynthia Kneibel | Principal / CEO