Fall Play Cast Announced

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition for our fall play. Below is the cast and crew list. Congratulations, everyone!

Robin Hood: Josh Hernández
Town's Gal: Emilie Rabbers
Lady Marian: Courtneney Van Solkema
Prince John: Damien Logan
Sheriff of Nottingham: Brayden Janich
Lady in Waiting: Katherine Egeler
Sister Tuck: Meagan Johnson
Wendy Scarlet: Jenna Hemmes
Little John: Courtney Betten
Allana Adale: Maryte Worm
Joan: Nora Aldworth
Isabella: Aniah Tan
Eleanor: Hope Siwek
Matilda: Ceci Gipson

Stage Manager: Madeline Mitchell
Assistant Stage Manager: Amber Whitson
Sound Board Operator: Mary Clare Olive
Light Board Operator: Nina Smith
Makeup: Marie Kieras
Scenic Painter: Caitlin Smith