Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve.

Your child will learn to live their earthly and eternal lives as humble servants of Christ. In their classes, not only do students learn about their faith but they are challenged to live their faith in service to the community. In increasing increments of commitment, freshmen through seniors are encouraged to participate in service work at their home parishes, at school and in the community. Your child will encounter Christ through service to others as part of their religion class expectations.

Serving others is its own reward, but at West Catholic, we like to acknowledge students who go above and beyond in serving their community. Students who serve above the minimum hour requirement could earn a transcript endorsement and/or the Christian Service Award. 

A transcript endorsement is an endorsement marked on your college transcript that highlights the student has gone over and above the minimum requirement for service hours.

The Christian Service Award is an award given at the Honors assembly that acknowledges the hard work and many hours students have given to serve Jesus in our community.

9th10 Hours20 Hours40 Hours
10th20 Hours30 Hours50 Hours
11th30 Hours40 Hours60 Hours
12th30 Hours40 Hours75 Hours

Hours acquired after minimum requirement, for T.E. or C.S.A., can be from any category.

*T.E. – Transcript Endorsement
*C.S.A. – Christian Service Award

“We should learn how to give…but not regard it as an obligation, but a desire.”
Mother Theresa