Standards and Expectations

Winning weight room standards or culture is not about how much our athletes bench press, or the specific exercises they are doing.  The numbers will come; the most valuable lessons they will learn are from learning how to execute their responsibilities the right way and by doing it with each other.  It is not about what we do, its about how we do it, why we do it, and who were doing it with and for.


  1. We are present (zero distractions/no cell phones)
  2. We demonstrate kindness-care-concern
  3. We are process oriented
  4. We ask questions
  5. We are on time & prepared (shoes tied / appropriate attire)
  6. We always do our best
  7. We do not make assumptions
  8. We are honest with our words
  9. We do not take things personally
  10. We take responsibility


Our Falcon standards do not change, but our expectations from athlete to athlete may.  What we expect out of a senior may be different from a ninth grader.  Our expectations are always communicated, agreed upon, fair and progressive.