Tuition & Assistance


An investment in faith-based education means an investment in your child’s future. West Catholic is committed to providing the highest quality Catholic education to families who desire this for their children.

Tuition contracts for the school year are sent out in February after Parish Support and Grants & Scholarships have been awarded. Families of three or more students are encouraged to contact your school Principal or the Business Office to set a tuition rate that is manageable for your family.

2021-2022 Tuition:

Parish Rate: $9,945 (after the $885 parish support)
Non-Parish Rate: $10,830
International Student Rate: $13,473 (includes $1,000 international student fee)

Technology Fee: $200
Each student at West Catholic is provided with an iPad as an educational resource and tool to enhance learning. The technology fee helps to offset the device, network, security and personnel costs associated with this program. This fee also includes full-coverage iPad insurance for each device.

Tuition Assistance

It is our goal to make a West Catholic education a reality for every student. We offer several options to assist with financing each student's education.

There is no substitute for a quality Catholic school education. As a result, parishes in the Diocese of Grand Rapids support the ministry of Catholic schools through a high level of financial investment in the Catholic schools that serve the children of registered and active parishioner families, even if their parish does not have its own school.

This significant financial support is contributed by the family’s parish directly to the Catholic parish/school so that parishioner families can receive the “in-parish tuition rate.” This parish support is a substantial benefit to families by making them eligible to receive the parishioner rate of tuition rather than the higher non-parishioner rate. 

You do not need to demonstrate financial need to receive parish support. See the Parish Support Form below for details.

*Please contact your Parish Office to find out if your family qualifies for parish support toward your high school tuition. Each parish may have different guidelines for qualification.

Families must apply for SmartAid if they wish to be considered for tuition assistance or scholarships. 

SmartAid is an aid application service that helps parents streamline and submit their financial aid applications. The program collects relevant data and documents, identifies available grants and scholarships, expedites the review of materials and awards aid directly to accounts.  

To get started with SmartAid, visit our Applying for Aid page.

The Bishop’s Fund for Catholic Education is an endowed fund within the Catholic Foundation of West Michigan which provides tuition assistance for students attending a diocesan Catholic school. Parents are asked to fill out a SmartAid form which is used to determine who qualifies for tuition assistance through the Bishop’s Fund. Applications are available through the Business Office or the West Catholic Main Office.

One in four families receive tuition grants through the Bishop's Fund. Information about applying for SmartAid can be found in the tab above this section along with necessary forms. Only one form per family is required regardless of how many children you have within the K-12 Catholic schools.  

When applying for tuition assistance, family need, academic standing and discipline records are all considered. Need is determined by an evaluation of an applicant’s tax returns, information provided on the application form and the Letter of Special Circumstances. Students must also possess a passing cumulative GPA along with a satisfactory discipline record.

*All active/registered parishioners who apply for SmartAid will be automatically considered for the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. (Please be sure to indicate your Parish Code and School Code on the SmartAid form.)

West Catholic School Code:  13306

    Families of West Catholic students can apply for a variety of scholarships. A large number of named scholarships are available for students that meet the necessary requirements.​​​​​

    Scholarship applications are due Dec. 17, 2021, at 8:00 a.m. Completed applications may be emailed to Admissions Director Kirsten Herich at

    ​​​​​​​General Criteria for Scholarships

    • Most scholarships have financial need as a requirement. If financial need is required, you must complete the SmartAid form provided by West Catholic.
    • The scholarship selection committee shall be comprised of the president of West Catholic High School, the comptroller of the Catholic Secondary Schools and other administrative faculty members.
    • All scholarships are awarded directly to the student’s tuition account.

    You may complete a Letter of Special Circumstances, if applicable, and send it directly to the CSS Business office along with the scholarship application. These may be sent in for consideration of SmartAid awards for tuition and scholarships. 

    A complete list of all scholarship opportunities are listed below:

    Scholarship and grant award notifications will be mailed in the beginning of February.

    You may download an application for these scholarships by clicking on the coordinating scholarship application for each section. You may also contact the West Catholic High School Office at (616) 233-5900 to receive a copy by mail.

    We are blessed to be supported by a number of funds that help offset the cost of tuition. While these funds do not specifically support tuition assistance, they work to reduce expenses for each student who attends West Catholic.

    • West Catholic Legacy Fund - This fund is used to support educational programming at West Catholic.
    • Father Dennis Morrow Education Fund - Half of the annual distributions of this fund go to tuition assistance and half go toward improving academic and athletic programs.
    • Brechting Academic & Athletic Fund - This fund is used to improve the school's programs and facilities. Each year, 85% of the fund's distributions are applied to academics and 15% is applied to athletics.
    • Lena Allgeier Fund - Money from this fund is used to support the technology needs of students at West Catholic High School and Catholic Central High School.
    • Richard Boguslaski Science Fund - Income from this endowed fund is used to purchase scientific, engineering and research equipment at West Catholic High School and Catholic Central High School.

    The Catholic Schools of Grand Rapids participate in the Scrip program. Scrip allows families to shop with gift cards in everyday situations to make purchases at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and more with a percentage of each gift card purchased contributing directly to your school tuition. 

    Credits from partner schools may be applied to secondary school tuition. Families must notify their Scrip coordinators of their Catholic Schools tuition account number and request that credits be applied to their high school tuition.

    Your high school tuition account may be opened before your child attends high school if you wish to get a jump start on building credits toward your high school tuition. Please contact the business office to set up an account at (616) 233-5981.


    Kirsten Herich
    Admissions Director
    (616) 233-5920