International Program

Everything Is Better Together

The West Catholic International Program is designed to provide international students with a dynamic, excellence-driven Catholic education. The entire West Catholic community embraces the intercultural exchange of incorporating international students into our family. Continuous academic support and individualized programs are tailored to meet each international student’s needs. This program is focused on assisting international students reach their educational goals while creating cultural exchanges between domestic and international students. Students are welcome to attend West Catholic for both short and long term educational experiences. Students that are approved to study virtually from their home country will be able to participate in real-time classes or watch the in-class instruction asynchronously. By providing specialized courses, planning trips for cultural exchange, and working with international agencies, we ensure that students' needs are met and are constantly adapting new ways to better serve our student population.


kirsten herich
Director of Domestic and International Admissions
(616) 233-5920

Rachel Sharma
International Program Coordinator
(616) 233-5938

“The overlapping presence of different cultures is a great resource and source of mutual enrichment.”
Educating to Intercultural Dialogue in Catholic Schools