College Scholarships

Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship

The Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship will ensure all eligible students who live within the city of Grand Rapids and graduate from one of the 24 public, public charter, or private high schools located within the city limits of Grand Rapids will have free access to Grand Rapids Community College’s Associate’s Degree programs or their job training and certification programs – starting with the graduating class of 2020!

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Earn a full ride to Central Michigan University with the Lem Tucker Scholarship

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The following scholarships are offered by organizations, not individual colleges/universities. Make sure to check the organization's website for the most up-to-date information regarding deadlines and application requirements.

The following scholarships are exclusively offered to West Catholic graduating seniors unless otherwise noted:

SCHOLARSHIP FOR WEST CATHOLIC SENIOR, FUTURE FEMALE HEALTHCARE LEADERS-ESTABLISHED 2014:  The Mary Kay (Kempker ’76) VanDriel Healthcare Leadership Scholarship will be awarded to a female West Catholic senior who will be going on to college to study and eventually work in the healthcare field.  The goal of the scholarship is to encourage more young women to advance to healthcare leadership positions.  

The scholarship also aims to help develop a mentorship mentality, both seeking guidance from mentors and also eventually becoming mentors themselves as they advance in their post graduate professional careers.  (Pay it forward). 

Scholarship recipients may receive an award from $500-$2,500, depending on the need and the number of applicants. This scholarship is to be used for college tuition, books, supplies and living expenses.

Please note: This scholarship is good for Freshman Year in College ONLY.  It is NOT renewable each year.


 The Scholarship guidelines are as follows:
1.  A West Catholic senior female graduate, going on to their freshman year in college.
2.  Students must be identified by the teaching, counseling staff and peers as a leader.
3.  Students must have a desire to study and work in healthcare.
4.  Must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the time of application.
5.  Must complete a 1-2 page essay to include the following:  


·Understanding that plans and college majors may change as you advance through college, in two pages or less, explain why you are interested in healthcare.  Also describe how you see yourself contributing to the advancement of healthcare and how you use your successes to help with the mentorship of other females interested in healthcare. Finally, identify the values instilled by your family and the West Catholic education experience. 

Scholarship applications are due in the School Counseling Office by April 30, 2021.


Mary Kay Van Driel Scholarship Summary: 

1.   To advance young women to healthcare leadership positions.
2.  To develop a mentorship mentality so West Catholic graduates will find guidance from mentors and subsequently become mentors as they advance their professional careers.

1.  Identify possible leadership roles in healthcare.
2.  Understand the preparation needed for leadership roles and the job requirements.
3.  Learn and experience the value of a mentor/mentee relationship.
4.  Create an esprit de corp of leadership and mentorship.  Suggest graduates return to mentor young 
     West Catholic aspiring leaders.

Other possible characteristics:
a.   Self awareness
b.  Knowledgeable
c.  Visionary
d.  Risk taker
e.  Strong relationship builder
f.  Good communicator
g.  Inspiring
h.  Able to lead change