School Counseling

Counseling Mission

The mission of the School Counseling Department is to help students make the most of their high school years. Students are invited to come to the Counseling Office for help in planning their schedules, learning how to study, resolving personal problems, rectifying conflicts and exploring or planning for college and careers.

Every student is assigned a counselor when they enroll at West Catholic. Counselors are assigned to students based on their last name. Additionally, all foreign exchange students are managed by one counselor. The chart below illustrates the counselor assignments.

Student Group Counselor
Last Name (A-L) Diane Ysasi
Last Name (M-Z) Leah Ebbert
International Students Diane Ysasi



Diane Ysasi
School Counselor
(616) 233-5904

Leah Ebbert
School Counselor
(616) 233-5994

Lauri Ford
(616) 233-5909