World Languages

Program Goal:  Students will learn to:

  • Communicate in the target language
  • Recognize, appreciate and respect the cultures, customs and traditions of the people and regions of the target language and how they relate to their own language and culture
  • Understand the structure of the target language and how grammatical structure varies from language to language
  • Explore and understand the value and benefits of studying other languages and cultures

All students must earn ​2 credit hours in World Languages prior to graduation per the requirements set by the Michigan Non-Public School Accrediting Association (MNSAA) and those of the Catholic Secondary School Board. Students will be allowed to substitute an approved Career Technical Education (CTE) course for the second year of a World Language. Please note: Some CTE programs will require one year to complete while others require two years. Interested students need to have a CTE Substitution Form filled out with their counselor.

Chinese, French and German courses are available online through Middlebury Interactive Languages.​

Freshmen wishing to enroll in Spanish II: The Spanish I entrance exam is given in June to incoming freshmen during their 8th-grade year. Other interested students can contact their Guidance Counselor or Mrs. Coste de Falk at

See specific course information below: