Program Goal:  Through a faith-based education with an emphasis on the principles of Catholic doctrine, students will develop respect for others, effective communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that will prepare them for success in college and in life.

Note: The difference in the courses at each grade level will include emphasis, pace and student expectation, as stated in the course descriptions. Standardized test scores, grades and teacher recommendations will be taken into consideration for placement in Honors and AP courses.

All students must earn ​4 credit hours in English and pass all required courses prior to graduation.  

See specific course information below:


All Sophomores must enroll in either English 10 or Honors English 10 unless approved for the Foundations of English course which is primarily designed for English Language Learners.

English 10

Course Number:  E215
Open to grades: ​ 10
Credit Hours: 1 Credit
Prerequisite:  None
Course Description:  This course will further develop essential language arts skills: literary analysis, composition, critical thinking, communication, grammar and vocabulary. Students will analyze American literature, making connections to culture and history.

Honors English 10

Course Number:  E216
Open to grades: ​ 10
Credit Hours: 1 Credit
Prerequisite:  None
Course Description:  This is a second-year course in a vertical team approach geared toward Advanced Placement credit and college English. Through the study of American literature across various genres, students will hone their writing skills by composing various essay forms while also polishing grammar skills and writing conventions.

Foundations of English

Course Number:  E226
Open to grades: ​ 9, 10, 11, 12
Credit Hours: 1 Credit
Prerequisite:  Permission of Guidance Counselor and English Department Head
Course Description:  This course, primarily for English Language Learners, is designed to improve basic English skills necessary for success at the high school level. It focuses on grammar with special attention to syntax, vocabulary development, reading and writing for academic purposes.

Oral Communications

Course Number:  E229
Open to grades:  9, 10, 11, 12
Credit Hours:  1/2 Credit
Prerequisite:  None
Course Description:  This one-semester class will include coursework in nonverbal, interpersonal, group and one-to-group communication. Students will learn to become more confident and effective communicators in a variety of speaking situations. Listening skills and leadership techniques will also be stressed.