Engineering and Innovation

Program Goal: 

To elevate the world around us by developing critical thinkers that can solve complex problems through the application of knowledge and processes.

The student will:

  • Engage in strategies for solving real world problems (engineering design process, design thinking)

  • Gain real world experience with mechanical, electrical, programming, and control systems

  • Research, design, prototype, build, and program robotic creations

  • Learn the importance of communication, deadlines, group dynamics, and feedback through the management of team projects

  • Recognize the importance of ethical decision-making in the fields of technology and engineering

  • Explore careers in the fields of engineering and emerging technologies

*All Engineering and Innovation courses are elective courses; however, students must earn a minimum of 1 credit hour in either Engineering and Innovation courses, Computer Science courses, Media Arts and Design courses, Fine Arts courses, or Instrumental and Vocal Music courses (or a combination of these courses) prior to graduation.

See specific course information below: