Kaczmarski Hearing Services Healthcare Professional Scholarship

The Kaczmarski Hearing Services Healthcare Professional Scholarship will be awarded
to a West Catholic senior who will be going on to college to study and eventually work in
the healthcare field.

Scholarship recipients will receive an award of $500. This scholarship award is to be
used for college tuition and a check will be written to the University.

Please note: This scholarship is good for Freshman Year in College ONLY.  It is NOT
renewable each year.

The Scholarship guidelines are as follows:
1.  A West Catholic senior graduate, going on to their freshman year in college.
2.  Students must be identified by the teaching and counseling staff as a motivated
learner with a good work ethic.
4.  Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 at the time of application.
5.  Create your own presentation / digital submission and upload it to YouTube and
send us the link.

Kaczmarski hearing services mission is to improve the lives of people by connecting
them to the world around them through better hearing.
The digital submission should include the following:
Candidate will interview a person with hearing loss and discuss how hearing loss
impacts quality of life and how modern hearing technology has helped the hearing
impaired person reconnect. Identify the career path the candidate is considering and
outline how the candidate will aim to help others improve their quality of life.

Scholarship applications are due in the guidance office by April 1, 2018.