Graduation Requirements


In compliance with the requirements set by the North Central Association of Schools and those of the Catholic Secondary School Board, West Catholic High School requires the following credits for graduation. One credit is one full year of successful work in a course or subject.


 Credits Required  (Minimum of 24 Credits)

 Religion  4 Credits
 English  4 Credits
 Mathematics  4 Credits
 Science  3 Credits
 Social Studies  3 Credits
 World Language  2 Credits
 Health / Physical Education*  1 Credit
 Technology / Visual, Performing & Applied Arts**  1 Credit
 Electives  2 Credits


* Students may waive one semester of the required Physical Education requirement by successfully completing two athletic programs during the same school year, participating in Band for two years, or by successfully completing 90 hours of athletic instruction/practice/competition of a pre-approved non-school program related to physical education/athletics/recreation under the supervision of a teacher/coach/personal trainer in an eighteen week period of time. The Guidance Department will counsel registrants regarding this policy.

** Technology/Visual, Performing & Applied Arts may include credits earned in the Technology and Fine Arts Departments. Online courses, with the approval of the administration may also be considered for this requirement and may also be used to fulfill a requirement in another discipline.

For assistance with tracking graduation requirements please see the attached 4-Year Plan.

Four Year Plan