Tutoring and Academic Support

West Catholic recognizes each student as an individual. Throughout the high school years, a student may encounter academic challenges that necessitate additional support. A student can and should expect to receive all the help she or he needs to achieve educational success!

Academic Learning Center:

West Catholic has 30 faculty members fully-certified in their respective instructional content areas as well as 2 certified tutors.

The Academic Learning Center is offered six times a week, before and after school, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is staffed by faculty and National Honor Society students. Click the link for a full schedule of times and teachers assignments Academic Learning Center 2018-19

All students are expected to adhere to the general guidelines of the Curriculum and Academic Policy Guide which includes information about the Grand Rapids Catholic Secondary Schools grading scale, incomplete work, schedule changes, homework policy, probation, academic honesty, technology usage and semester examinations.

Department of Academic Support:

Disability Services- The Department of Academic Support guides families through the process of requesting and renewing Accommodation Agreements. An Accommodation Agreement is a document which identifies a student’s strengths and weaknesses to address their unique learning needs. These needs are derived from current data in the form of a diagnosed educational disability, mental health condition, and/or medical diagnosis. West Catholic students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are monitored by a team of Special Education professionals from Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Intervention Services-West Catholic fosters open communication between all those involved in a child’s education. Families and students are encouraged to reach out to the Department of Academic Support if it is believed more interventions, strategies, and accommodations are needed to eliminate any barriers that may be inhibiting success. We work as a team with the student, parents/guardians, guidance counselor, and classroom teachers to support students’ diverse learning needs by employing a variety of effective instructional practices, technology applications and resources.

Academic Support Center (ASC)- ASC is also a place for students to receive their specific accommodations and work on reaching their goals and objectives. It provides a unique opportunity for students to receive individualized assistance and instruction in their areas of established need. ASC offers a small, structured classroom. Students enrolled in ASC receive direct assistance on homework and classwork assignments, essay writing, note taking, organization, time management, study skills, and test taking strategies.