About International Program

Our International Program offers many different types of support and out-of-school activities to enhance the experience at West Catholic High School.

ELL Program – West Catholic has an ELL program for students who are new to the United States of America. This program offers special help in navigating the American education system, basics about writing, speaking, listening and reading in English, as well as TOEFL and SAT prep.

Support Team – West Catholic has a strong team of teachers and administrators who work together to ensure students are placed in the correct classes, are academically successful and have a smooth transition into American culture. Ms. Brittany DeWitt is our school counselor: she will guide students in choosing the correct classes as well as help students prepare for and apply to colleges. Mr. Ryan Corcoran is the International Program Coordinator: he organizes events, answers questions for our international students, as well as provides support for our teachers working with students from abroad. Mr. Todd Peters is our Director of Admissions and he will make sure students are taken care of when they first arrive.

Travel – The International program organizes three trips during the school year: one in the fall, one in the summer, and one in the spring. The trips include activities in which students can learn about the local culture and American students join with our international students on these trips.


Interested international students should fill out the Educatius Student Application Form.