Strategic Priorities

Community of Faith

Our warm, welcoming community fully lives our Catholic Faith, instills the values of the Church, nurtures vocations and contributes to the growth and greater good of His holy Church.  We follow Catholic teaching in all our practices. We “Open Wide the Doors to Christ” as we recognize that a true education forms the whole person for both his/her eternal life and for the good of the world in which we live.

Student Success

We offer excellent individualized education of mind, body and soul to every student who shares our commitment to dedication, hard work and success. We measure student growth using multiple points of classroom data and the PSAT suite of tests, focusing not on the combined end result, but the measurement of each and every student as we encourage them to grow and fully utilize the talents God has given them.  We provide traditional as well as innovative learning experiences, including varied opportunities to seek college credit as well as provide offers to study/travel abroad. Our robust career services, with the help of community partners, assist all students in developing a career plan and identifying resources to achieve their goals.


We continue to increase enrollment at West Catholic, opening our doors to all, including the academically, economically and culturally diverse. We strive to increase enrollment at our partner schools, increase our transition rate, reach out to public school students and attract international students. We continue to improve a comprehensive marketing and communication plan that highlights excellence in all that we do.

Financial Viability

We are fiscally responsible. We explore innovative funding and tuition structures to ensure all students who desire a West Catholic education can have one. We continue to develop strategies to increase fundraising for tuition needs and capital improvements, insuring our long-term viability. We operate efficiently through implementing best practices in accounting as we build metrics to provide transparency and optimum usage of funds.

Culture of Quality

Recognizing we are made in the image of God, our passion, compassion and commitment is demonstrated in our culture of continuous improvement as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Community Engagement and Family Support

West Catholic is a resource to our families and our community for information, services and opportunities as we walk together in the development of our youth.


Leading-edge technology, integrated learning methods and facilities prepare all students to succeed in the career path they choose and prepare them for a life of learning, built upon a strong foundation of our Catholic faith.

Inclusion, Diversity

As a Catholic community, we strive to create an environment that respects life, values human dignity, and recognizes and celebrates diverse cultures of all people made in the image of God.