Logo Usage Policy

The Grand Rapids West Catholic High School name and logo are valuable brand assets and a form of intellectual property. The logo, shield, mascot, school name and school colors provide the organization with a consistent visual image and carry significant recognition value for West Catholic’s many external audiences. Consistent and correct use of the logo and other identity elements enhance the organization’s image.

This policy is specific to the use of the school name, logo, shield, and mascot symbol. These identity assets should only be used on materials created or sanctioned by the school administration. Use of the logo by students or alumni on materials for their individual use or for use to represent groups of students or alumni (including student or alumni clubs and associations) is permitted only with prior approval. Permission is required for use of any form of the Grand Rapids West Catholic name, logo, shield or mascot. Permission requests must be approved by the school principal, marketing and communications director and/or athletic director.

The Grand Rapids West Catholic High School Brand Standards Guide can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Stationery: All academic, administrative, and support units of the organization are required to use one of the approved letterhead styles on all stationery. Envelopes, notepads, business cards, mailing labels, and other stationery items must also conform to these logo guidelines.

Print publications, collateral: The logo policy for use in publications is relatively simple and unrestrictive. The logo must appear on the front cover or the front panel of all organizational publications in an appropriate size and position relative to the typographic elements on the page. The organizational logos may not be altered in any way and must be used as the sole logos in all venues.

This policy applies to: faculty, staff, students, parents, academic departments, athletics, athletic boosters, parent clubs and committees, ad hoc groups, administrative divisions/departments, alumni organizations, informal groups and student organizations. Suppliers and manufacturers of commercial and non-commercial products must comply with the logo/identity use policy.

A Logo Usage Request Form must be completed, with a copy and description of the art being requested for use, and turned in to the building principal or athletic director for approval. On approval, the logo being requested will be forwarded to the requester (if needed) and the requester may proceed with the project.

WC Logo Request Form

All promotional companies must use the school-approved art. Any work that is completed outside of the policy guidelines will be denied distribution (if a promotional company is used, product must be sent back to the promotional company for reissue or reimbursement).

NOTE: The Grand Rapids West Catholic Administration reserves the right to deny any project that is not congruent with the mission of the school and/or the Church or that fails to comply with any aspect of the logo/identity use policy guidelines.
WC Logo


Freddy the Falcon  
WC Shield   
For larger .jpgs, or to obtain vector art for printing or embroidery, please contact Adam Antor, Director of Marketing at Communications at adamantor@grwestcatholic.org or (616) 233-5968.
West Catholic green color values for print and web
Hex: #006847
CMYK: C=90% M=34% Y=82% K=26%
Pantone: 3425
RGB: R=0 G=104 B=71