Beliefs and Values

Root Beliefs

  1. Become Eucharistic Disciples of Christ

We are called to be Disciples of Christ, renewed constantly at the Eucharist, who live with Christ, who sit at His feet and learn how to love from the God Who is love.

  1. Educate the whole person, one student at a time

West Catholic educates the mind, body and soul. More than an excellent academic institution, we invite each student, with his or her unique gifts and challenges, to live well, seek excellence, make careful distinctions and judgments, and care for others.

  1. Act rightly, serve generously

Through living example, high expectations, and practice in self-discipline, we challenge students to develop their consciences to live moral lives of virtuous action and service.

  1. “Open wide the doors to Christ”  – John Paul II

West Catholic enthusiastically invites new members into our shared life.  We strive to show, through our actions, words and compassion, that each person is a worthwhile and meaningful part of our community.  Nurtured by Catholic tradition and the life of St. John Paul II, we follow his example of being a Disciple of Christ.


Core Values

  1. Joy

Joy expresses the call of Pope Francis to evangelization: that the mark of the disciple is one who is joyful.  And, it expresses how we want everyone to experience our community, our classrooms, and everything we do.

  1. Learning

Intentional education based on faith and reason brings about transformative learning that deepens our students’ understanding of God and His magnificent creation.

  1. Living

At West Catholic, high school is not an interruption of real life, nor a waiting room for future life, but a rich experience of being fully, joyfully alive.

  1. Commitment

Commitment expresses our tenacity, our strength, that West Catholic is an institution of excellence. We expect excellence from our staff and students because we know that they, made in the image of God, are capable of achieving it.

  1. Caritas

Caritas is the Latin word for love/charity. Imbued with selflessly loving and caring for others, Caritas best describes all of our relationships in which we strive to emulate the Caritas of God for His people.